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webfreer download

We received a lot of inquiries about the new version of Web Freer Browser, especially, where people can download it, therefore this post:

Version number: WebFreer

Web Freer Download

Web Freer was originally a HTTPS web browser based on the open source Chromium browser, the new version (starting from version number changed the proxy mechanism to socks5 secured proxy – Shadowsocks. The release date is May 12, 2015.

The new Shadowsocks proxy is supreme due to its high performance, hard to trace, hard to block. It also set to use the remote DNS to prevent the DNS poisoning that is prevalent in countries where Great Firewall (GFW) is in place. Another improvement is that it only proxy the blocked website, for unblocked sites it will use your local network to access, which enhanced performance.

The advantage of Web Freer browser. First, it is based on Chromium open source browser, it is fast, safe and clean; second, Shadowsocks proxy is high performance and practically untraceable as of 2018, in case GFW employs new blocking technology, the browser will upgrade to mitigate it; third, Web Freer is auto configured, no manual setting is required. The drawback is that it has only Windows version so far.

After download, double click the WebFreer_2.0.0.4.rar, extract the WebFreer folder into an arbitrary location of your computer, for example desktop. Go into WebFreer folder, double click the start-WebFreer.ext, you will have the browser open, voila, now you can browse the web uncensored.

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