Shadowsocks Configuration for Windows

shadowsocks for windows
shadowsocks for Windows

Instruction to download and configure Shadowsocks client for Windows 7, 8, 10

1. Shadowsocks Windows Client .

If you can’t access Github, you can download the latest version from our server.

Download Shadowsocks Windows Client

2.  Extract the ZIP file to a folder of your computer.

3.  Go into the folder, double click the program shadowsocks.exe

4.  Go to “Servers”> “New Server” and the Add at The following Credentials: 

4.1  Enter the IP address as “Server Address” .
4.2  Enter the corresponding port as  “Server Port”.
4.3  Enter the corresponding password as “Password” .
4.4  Enter 1080 as the “Local Port” 
4.5  Enter the corresponding encryption method as “Encryption Method” .
4.5  Click “Save.”

5.  Click on the Shadowsocks menu tray icon and select “Enable”.

6.  Done, now you can go to any blocked URL to verify that you can open it.


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