Shadowsocks Configuration for iOS

shadowsocks for ios
shadowsocks for ios iphone ipad

Download and configure Shadowsocks for iOS device:

1. Download Shadowrocket and launch it.

Note: Shadowrocket is not available in the China App Store.

2. Manually add a new proxy by tapping *Add Server* and using the information according to below:

IPv6 server (recommended method)

Shadowsocks IPv6 Account
Server port:8989
Local port:1080
Release date:2019-5-1

IPv4 server (use IPv4 if you don’t have IPv6)

Shadowsocks IPv4 Account
Server port:8989
Local port:1080
Release date:2018-5-1

3. Toggle the connection switch located to the right of the *Not Connected* text on the *Home* tab.

If this is your first time running Shadowrocket, iOS will ask you to verify that the application should have permission to add VPN configurations. Tap *Allow* and follow the instructions.

4. After that you should be done, go to any IP lookup website to check your new IP, you should see the server IP address.

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