Shadowsocks Client Configuration for Mac OS X

shaodowsocks config for mac os x
shaodowsocks configuration for mac os x

1.  Download Mac OS the X-Client

If you can’t access Github, download the client from our server.

2. Double-click the ZIP to extract it into your Applications folder.

3. Launch ShadowsocksX-NG. You will be prompted to enter your password so that your system proxy settings can be modified.

4. Look for the Shadowsocks icon in the menu bar and click on it.

5.  Go to “Servers”, SELECT “Server Open the Preferences …”, then Click at the “+” Button ON at the Sidebar:

5.1 Enter Server IP address (ipv4 or ipv6) and Server Port into the “Address” fields,
5.2 Select the corresponding  encryption method into the “Encryption” field,
5.3. Enter the corresponding password into the “password” field,
5.4. Click “OK.”

IPv6 server (recommended method)

Shadowsocks IPv6 Account
Server port:8989
Local port:1080
Release date:2019-5-1

IPv4 server (use IPv4 if you don’t have IPv6)

Shadowsocks IPv4 Account
Server port:8989
Local port:1080
Release date:2018-5-1

6. Click on the Shadowsocks icon in the menu bar again, and choose “Global Mode”.

7. You can use the Shadowsocks icon to toggle enable / disable it. The color of the icon will change accordingly.

8. You are done! Now go to any blocked URL and you should be able to navigate the web uncensored.

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