If your network supports IPv6, you actually get the privilege of free navigating of the entire web, undisturbed, uncensored.

If the green light is displayed on the map “Connected using IPv6”, to show that you have an IPv6 address can connect to an IPv6 network. This is good news. Because GFW Great Firewall of China can not block ipv6 network. You have to do is: first, even on shadowsocks server IPv6 address, encrypt your network traffic; the second, with the remote DNS server, DNS to avoid contamination inside the wall. You will most likely win the freedom of the Internet a few years time. GFW upgrade control IPv6 network? That’s the distant future, but in the era of encryption, will be very, very difficult.

Whether you’re in college, in the company, at home, in a fight for IPv6 addresses to network operators, it is worth the effort of thing.

The role of Shadowsocks server, your network data is encrypted so that no one knows what site you visit, what search keywords, reviewers can see a string of gibberish. If you do not shadowsocks agents, due to many sites only support IPv4 http access and clear text, even if you have IPv6, your data will still come to visit these sites on your IPv4 address, you’ll still be a wall, but the wall also know you trying to connect these sites. You expose yourself.

Check whether your network supports IPv6, you can see here , here , here . If you can see IPv6 address, indicating your support network.

Now that you have an IPv6 network, you should have your DNS settings to point to support IPv6 DNS servers, such as Google’s:

2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888
2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8844

So you easily escaped unharmed: DNS pollution GFW extremely handy. About DNS pollution, we will introduce a special article.

If you do not see IPv6 address, and your inability to unplanned network operators to deploy IPv6, then you can choose to connect to our server IPv4 address. These addresses will be blocked fire long wall frequently. Every few days we will publish a new address, you need frequent replacement server. And you are also more likely shrouded in DNS poisoning, it takes extra effort to remove it.