Free Proxy to Access Any Websites

We provide free proxy service you can use on any computers or mobile phones – Windows 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X, Linux, Android phones, iPhone, iPad – to visit websites blocked by your ISP, either home, school, or corporate. You will find the instructions as you scroll down, and the free proxy account information at the bottom of this page.

We offer fast, high performance proxy service that enable you to browse the web privately and securely, your real IP address is hidden, your browsing data is encrypted by industry level ciphers such as AES 256. And it is a proxy, faster than a VPN, probably more secured. Encryption is a powerful tool to protect your privacy, your browsing data over your plain internet connection.

Did we mention it is free of charge? Yes rest assured it is completely free, you don’t need to pay  a dime.

There is also no limit on bandwidth, you can use it as much as you want, surf any website you want: text, image, voice, video, without worrying about the (often small) bandwidth quota.

Why You Make Proxy Service Free?

You may ask us.

We do this because people around the world, not only in America, need a free solution to bypass the internet blockage, and protect their privacy when doing so. They don’t want their ISP to dictate what websites they can or cannot visit, and they don’t want their data to be intercepted and collected.

We do this also because we see other providers doing this wrong, from the worst proposition to trade your network with others (this opens the door for others to use your network to do malicious things that you have no knowledge of, which will cause you grave trouble), to the moderate proposition to give you a very limited data quota with the hope that you will sign up their paid plan.

We do things differently, we provide secure proxy for free, without the annoying data transfer, without compromising your privacy, we actually enhance your privacy as your data is encrypted and your IP is hidden.

If you are inside a corporate network, school network, store network, or  even national network that sniff your data traffic and restrict your web access, our solution is ideal for you.

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How Can You Afford It?

First of all, offering a high performance proxy service doesn’t cost too much.

We offer security consultation and advanced, paid proxy service. However, regular internet users don’t need such advanced plans, if you belong to the gang that only need a good, but basic proxy solution, you’ve come to the right place.

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No String Attached

No string attached! No credit card required, no registration is required. If you like our service and you feel like you want an advance plan (better security, better encryption, global proxy), send us a message and we will respond, otherwise we have no record on you.

How to Get Free Proxy?

It takes 2 easy steps to use the encrypted proxy service:

I. Download the proxy software Shadowsocks Client to your computer or mobile phone;

II. Configure Shadowsocks Client to use our free account

Find more detailed instructions below:

Download and configure Shadowsocks client for Windows

Download and configure Shadowsocks client for Mac OS X

Download and configure Shadowsocks client for Linux

Download and configure Shadowsocks client for Android

Download and configure Shadowsocks client for iOS

Download and configure Shadowsocks for openWRT router

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Why Shadowsocks

Shadowsocks is a superior socks5 proxy that delivers high speed, high performance, strong encryption for its users, it survived the harshest attack from the world’s most stringent firewall – the Great Firewall (GFW), it produces little pattern in its packet encryption and transmission, making it hard to detect and inspect among the vast volume of data flowed in & out the network, it enabled millions of users behind the GFW to navigate the web securely and privately, set them free of being blocked by restrictive ISP. It is a proven technology.

Shadwosocks implement strong, proven encryption methods like AES-256-GSM, AES-256-CFB, camellia-256-CFB, these encryption algorithms are proven to be practically impossible to break with the technique and computing power available today.

Combined with the setup that your IP address is behind our proxy server,  your privacy is greatly enhanced.

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Free Shadowsocks Account Information

Use IPv6 account if your ISP support it, otherwise IPv4 credentials will be fine.

IPv6 server (recommended method)

Shadowsocks IPv6 Account
Server port:8989
Local port:1080
Release date:2019-5-1

IPv4 server (use IPv4 if you don’t have IPv6)

Shadowsocks IPv4 Account
Server port:8989
Local port:1080
Release date:2018-5-1

Key features:

1. No bandwidth limit on usage;
2. One account, use on desktop and mobile device;
3. Fast, smooth connection;
4. Strong encryption, AES 256 bit;
5. High performance, proxy only blocked URLs, non-blocked URLs are routed directly;
6. Hard to trace, hard to block by ISP;
7. Defeat China GFW’s blockage and surveillance;
8. Defeat all other ISP’s blockage and surveillance;

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