We provide free Shadowsocks account to internet users worldwide, the connecting credentials are updated weekly to evade the frequent blockage by GFW and other malicious ISP.

IPv6 server (recommended method)

Shadowsocks IPv6 Account
Server port:8989
Local port:1080
Release date:2019-5-1

IPv4 server (use IPv4 if you don’t have IPv6)

Shadowsocks IPv4 Account
Server port:8989
Local port:1080
Release date:2018-5-1

Key features:

1. No bandwidth limit on usage;
2. One account, use on desktop and mobile device;
3. Fast, smooth connection;
4. Strong encryption, AES 256 bit;
5. High performance, proxy only blocked URLs, non-blocked URLs are routed directly;
6. Hard to trace, hard to block by ISP;
7. Defeat China GFW’s blockage and surveillance;
8. Defeat all other ISP’s blockage and surveillance;