shadowsocks vpn difference

Shadowsocks vs VPN

2018-10-03 shadowsocks 0

Shadowsocks or VPN? If you live in China and want a recommendation which solution to go: Shadowsocks or VPN? the quick answer is Shadowsocks, because […]

vpn dns leak

DNS Leak

2018-10-03 shadowsocks 0

What is DNS Poisoning? Imagine you have a secure communication channel from your computer to internet, encrypting your data traffic, and you feel safe, but […]

dns hijacking

DNS Poisoning

2018-10-03 shadowsocks 0

DNS poisoning is also called “DNS cache poisoning”, sometimes it is also called “DNS pollution”. DNS poisoning play a big role in China’s GFW to […]

shadowsocks client


2018-10-02 shadowsocks 0

Today we are going to talk about Shadowsocks, how it was originated? why it becomes more popular day by day? what’s the difference between Shadowsocks […]


Web Freer Download

2018-09-24 shadowsocks 0

We received a lot of inquiries about the new version of Web Freer Browser, especially, where people can download it, therefore this post: Version number: […]

great firewall of china

GFW observation

2018-08-26 shadowsocks 0

Some observation on China’s Great Firewall (GFW), and how to overcome it: GFW’s main tricks: 1. It forces a HTTP plain text across the whole […]